K1-Roofing is a professional & experienced team of  installers of  EPDM rubber flat roofs and
green roofs / living roofs
Living roofs comprise two main types – green roofs and recreational roofs.
•  Green roofs range from intensively vegetated  to extensively vegetated
•  Recreational living roofs provide amenity benefitsfit

From small terraced decks to 400sqm + We have installed many different types and sizes of
green roofs and living roofs

Sedum Roofs , Wildflower roofs , plug plants , self seeding all are available.

We are able to advise on all aspects of design , planting and maintenance.

And of course the perfect waterproofing for a
green roof  is an EPDM rubber roof
EPDM Rubber Flat Roofs
Green roofs & Living roofs
K1 can install EPDM flat roofing or GRP Roofing  on almost all flat roof  and new flat roof

We have a wealth of experience in installing EPDM & GRP roofs for replacement flat roofs